Atos DKE directional valve cetop 5/ ISO 10


Model: Subplate mounted Cetop 5/ ISO 10
Size/Mount: ISO 4401 size10
Type: Solenoid Operated
Series: DKE, DKER
Operation / Control: Direct Acting
Pressure Bar: 315
Flow litre/min: 100-120
Manufacturer: Atos
Fluid – Mineral Oil (other fluids on request)
Viscosity 15-100cst @ 40 0 C
Temp -20 +70 deg C
Mass: DKE 16 – AC=3.6Kg, DC=4.2Kg: DHE 17 – AC=4.3Kg, DC=5.7Kg

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Product Description

Part number break-down

DKE nb AC and DC bodies are different 16=single solenoid, 17= double solenoid X= voltage (to be advised) 110/50, 24v dc etc Spare coil SP CAE Price £38.32 Cap bolts: 4 off – M6X40

Available on request

Voltages: Part No
110v AC SP CAI 110 50
230v AC SP CAI 230 50
12v DC SP CAU 12DC
24v DC SP CAU 24DC


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